Midwest Polychem Ltd, are a new innovative recycling plant based in Holbeach Hurn. They acquired a 8.5-acre site in January and have transformed the site over the past 7 months into a facility which is capable of producing 3,000 tonnes of cold & hot washed recycled PET flakes per month.

They see bales of PET bottles crushed and granulated into flakes which will be washed and checked before being bagged up and sold onto manufacturers to be repurposed. There is also a further area which, once completed, they will put jazz plastic (coloured waste) through the same process in order to create yarn, this is used for high viz jackets and staple fibre to be used in cars and household items.

The granulated PET flake that is produced allows them to access both bottle manufacturers. Their compounding process will allow them to have access to PET sheets which in turn will be turned into Food Packaging. A separate area will focus on recycling uPVC windows producing pellets which will make window profiles, PVC pipes, and conduits.