Citizen Insight & Education

In order to continue to increase recycling rates for plastics, it is vital that we improve understanding about all aspects of the process, not just among consumers but also the wider plastics recycling industry.

Plastics recycling education and behavioural insights help to identify requirements and maximise opportunities to advance recycling. RECOUP’s 30 years plus experience and ongoing programmes play an important role in this.

Pledge2Recycle Plastics

The key objective of  Pledge2Recycle Plastic is to reduce consumer confusion around plastic recycling.  Combining RECOUP’s knowledge of the plastics recycling value chain with our understanding of citizens’ perspectives, we bring together stakeholders around a common goal of developing plastics recycling education and communications. This can include core facts on recycling or information on what can be recycled locally and how best to collect plastic packaging for recycling.

The scheme provides many different opportunities for all parts of the value chain to become involved.

What RECOUP do

  • Agrees a common language for plastics recycling to reduce consumer confusion.
  • Develops resources to support plastics recycling education.
  • Educates all ages on plastic recycling through support, events and information for schools, local authorities, communities and organisations, and RECOUP members.

How RECOUP can help

  • Plastics recycling and resource efficiency education for your organisation (workforce, school etc).
  • Pledge2 Recycle Plastics activities including event support, roadshows, local authority communication campaigns.
  • Support for consumer plastic education campaigns.
  • Collateral to support communications and events (leaflets, flags, roller banners etc.)

Citizen Insights

Understanding citizen attitudes, perceptions and behaviours around plastics recycling and resource efficiency is essential to inform the development of the most appropriate communications and resources. RECOUP undertakes a number of ongoing initiatives in this area.

What RECOUP do

  • Uses the results and findings across our citizen insight activities to provide recommendations for industry to better understand, promote and act to change behaviours.

How RECOUP can help

  • Citizen insights for your local area based on survey responses which can be supported by local activities and paid advertisements.
  • Citizen insight support for organisations’ own projects.

Citizen Insight & Education Reports

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