Mercona is a leading supplier of own label personal care products. With extensive ranges in Sun Care, Hair Care, Hair Colour and Body Care we benchmark against leading brands to give our customers ranges that compete at the highest level.

With a state-of-the-art production facility and proactive R&D centre in Germany we supply to all the leading retailers throughout Europe and have built long-lasting relationships based on trust, quality and innovation.

We work hard for our clients to develop new ranges that reflect their ambitions to provide their customers with exciting products that they can trust and will perform to their expectations whether it be a skin-sensitive dermatological hair treatment or a high fashion hair colour. We also take seriously the concerns for having products that are socially responsible and assist our customers on how they can achieve aesthetically pleasing ranges that attract the eye but are sustainable at end of product life.

Today’s consumer demands for own label are as exacting as they are for leading brands and our team is constantly shifting the bar upwards to meet these challenges.