LitterLotto’s the behavioural app that incentivises users to:
• Bin litter
• Segregate waste
• Recycle
…using instant wins and jackpots. 

Over ten-million pieces of litter have been binned through the app. Litterlotto’s proprietary AI can categorise waste by type (27 waste categories) and brand, and post tailored messages when a user bins or segregates each type. 

The multi-award winning app is expanding to offer more in-app gamification to incentivise all forms of recycling including:
•BatteryLotto (taking spent batteries to retail collection points)
•WEEE (incentivising the return of WEEE to HWRCs or retail points)/
•CupLotto (incentivising the return of coffee cups to coffee shops)
….and many more. 

The company is highly innovative and has patents pending for an array of new initiatives including CHIP+BIN® – a poster which turns any bin into a smart-bin and allows users to bin waste in it and enter the jackpot draw, without the need to download the app. 

Currently LitterLotto works with major brands, councils, municipalities and NGOs, and has partnerships and users all over the world.