Fiberight’s HYDRACYCLE™ technology segregates and recovers materials (paper/card, rigid/flexible plastics, metals, and food waste) from mixed residual-waste streams, using water as a separation medium within a closed-loop water-recycling process. The recovered materials are upgraded into high-value market-ready products. The robust process works with mixed household wastes that are typically burnt/buried. Bolt-ons have also been developed to then valorise the recovered resources into higher-value products. For example, rigid and flexible plastics are purified and sorted into polymer fractions for onward manufacturing of products such as damp-proof membranes, fence posts, agglomerates, and pellets.

Fiberight began commercial operation in the UK in April 2023 at their plant in Swansea, Wales. The current input feedstock for the plant is rejects from material recovery facilities (MRFs). This feedstock is typically sent for incineration or landfill with little to no value generation. Fiberight are recovering over 70% of the material resources within this stream.