Beiersdorf are a global skincare business, and for nearly 140 years has been a companion in peoples lives, caring for healthy beautiful skin, nurturing people from the outside in.

By making people feel good in their skin, they give them the confidence it takes to reach out to each other and build meaningful connections. In an increasingly isolated world, Beiersdorf help them form a bond that is more than skin-deep: A bond that is built on trust, empathy and care.

But their care has always gone further. When they work together and unite their strengths, they not only provide skincare, but also nurture what’s important to peoples lives. Within their company, they foster a culture of respect and universal values that relate to individuals and families across geographies. In society, they extend their care to their fellow citizens and to the planet and contribute to more cohesive communities.

In uniting their strengths, building trust and seeking new ways to soothe, they can create even more meaningful connections amongst themselves, with their consumers and communities all over the world. This is their purpose and their calling. To care beyond skin.