Posted: 26/10/2023

RECOUP and PECT Announce the Launch of the PECT Bring it Back Toolkit to Tackle Single-Use Packaging Waste

In a positive step towards a more sustainable future, PECT, an environment charity based in Peterborough, and RECOUP are excited to introduce the PECT Bring it Back Toolkit. The new toolkit is designed for businesses and communities to help address the growing problem of single-use packaging.

Single-use packaging is known for its convenience; however, every year, billions of these cups and other packaging items end up polluting our green spaces, rivers, and seas. Recognising the urgency of this issue, the toolkit encourages and helps set up returnable packaging schemes, tackling the pollution at its source.

Whether you run a local coffee shop, organise community events, manage the office canteen, or just care about the environment, this toolkit equips you with practical knowledge and tools to make a real impact.

Key features of the PECT Bring it Back Toolkit include:

  • Clear, easy-to-follow instructions for setting up and managing a reusable packaging scheme.
  • Tips to effectively communicating your new scheme/s to your audience.
  • The business case for understanding how your efforts can reduce waste and save money.
  • Case studies showcasing the benefits of reusable packaging schemes, from waste reduction to customer loyalty.


The toolkit was developed following a range of behaviour change pilots which tested the barriers and enablers to successfully launching a reusable packaging scheme in different locations (including schools, community hubs, offices, and café networks).

“We are excited to launch our PECT Bring it Back toolkit, based on the successful learnings of our pilot schemes, which have been run at various locations across the region for the last year,” says Stuart Dawks, CEO at PECT, “It’s a fantastic starting point for any organisation looking to start a reusable packaging scheme.”

This initiative is one of six projects around the UK funded by Hubbub and Starbucks’ Bring It Back Fund, which was set up to fund innovative solutions and systems for sustainable packaging in the food and drink industry.

Gavin Ellis, Director and Co-founder of Hubbub: “Hubbub set up the Bring It Back Fund with Starbucks to support innovation in reuse. We are pleased the learnings PECT has acquired through their trials are now going to benefit other organisations and businesses. We hope many will be inspired to set up their own reuse schemes to tackle single-use packaging”.

Ready to make a difference? We invite communities and businesses across the UK to join us in reducing waste. Download the PECT Bring it Back Toolkit on our project website and be part of the solution.