Best Practice Guide for UK Plastics Recycling Communications

Part-funded by the Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging Challenge at Innovate UK and industry partners Veolia, Plastics Europe, the British Plastics Federation, Ecosurety, Kent Resource Partnership and PPS Recovery Systems. Supported in kind by Ocado, Sainsbury's and OPRL. 

This project took as its start point the national agreement on plastics packaging target material collections and asked the question:

‘If kerbside plastics recycling is based on the same target/non-target’ materials,
what other factors influence recycling rates?’

RECOUP managed the project as the project lead.   Utilising RECOUP expertise in the collection, sorting, capture, reprocessing, and end markets of plastics the Best Practice Guide for UK Plastics Recycling Communications has been developed.   This guide will assist those communicating plastics recycling to individuals and communities.  

RECOUP has produced a Kent Kent Understanding Plastics 'Live Lab', a further report of the overall project which details the communications themselves, costs, data, legislative influences, and plastics recycling end market pressures. 

The presentations from the webinar are below.

The video of each presentation is available here

Discover the results of the RECOUP Pledge2Recycle Plastics Project to increase awareness on how plastics can be recycled in a domestic setting and answer the following research question:
‘If kerbside plastics recycling
is based on the same target/non-target materials, what
factors influence recycling rates?’
A deep dive into all influences on the plastics recycling value chain through the lens of RECOUP and their knowledge of the collection, sorting, reprocessing and end markets of plastics packaging.
Anne Hitch
Project Lead
Pledge2Recycle Plastics
Laura Hutchings
Senior Policy & Infrastructure Projects Officer
PPS Recovery Systems Ltd
Anne Hitch
Head of Citizen & Stakeholder Strategy
Emmanuel Constantin
Plant Manager at Southwark IWMF
Sandeep Attwal
Group Procurement Manager
Helen Jordan
Senior Recycling Issues Executive
British Plastics Federation
Nichola Hood
Waste Business Partnership Manager
Kent County Council
Chaired by Adrian Whyle, Resource Efficiency
Senior Manager, Plastics Europe.

Thanks to:

Emmanuel Constantin - Veolia
Sandeep Attwal - Ecosurety
Helen Jordan - British Plastics Federation
Nichola Hood - Kent County Council
Anne Hitch - RECOUP
Laura Hutchings - PPS Recovery Systems Ltd

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