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Research is a core art of RECOUP's work.  We contribute to and undertake a wide array of research to support member and stakeholder projects as we continue to explore the evolving questions around plastics recycling. 

Chemical Recycling

RECOUP continue to research new and emerging solutions to the challenges of plastic recycling targets in the UK.  A recent focus across the industry is on how chemical recycling is being used.

This is a broad term that has received a lot of publicity and widely promoted as a process that could provide the solution for recycling low grade or mixed post-use plastics waste. Is it possible that this could represent a key missing link in the Circular Economy technology solutions?

You can read more about this in the RECOUP 2019 Household Plastics Collection Survey. This is available free to RECOUP Members.  For more information on how to obtain a copy please get in touch

UK Infrastructure

A summary report of the infrastructure for plastics sorting and reprocessing in the UK, assessing the viability of the county's current ability to meet current and future targets was produced by RECOUP. 

The UK Household Plastics Packaging Sorting and Reprocessing Capacity Report, available to RECOUP members, identifies capacities of waste and reprocessing facilities.  It examines challenges and inconsistencies faced by the UK plastics packaging production and recycling industry when weighing up environmental and ethical concerns versus commercial viability. 

The report also explores potential unintended consequences of upcoming legislative changes such at Deposit Return Schemes and recycled content tax, and the environmental impact across the whole chain, particularly in relation to the food grade packaging. 



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