Zotefoams plc is a pioneer in cellular materials with a legacy of sustainable innovation that stretches back to 1921. Their purpose is to produce optimal material solutions for the benefit of society and they minimise the use of natural resources through reducing energy and polymer usage. Zotefoams materials are lightweight and reduce fuel consumption of cars, trains, and aircraft, they save energy by insulating, and provide protection to people and goods.

Their block foam materials – branded AZOTE® and ZOTEK® – are notably pure, consistent and durable due to their unique manufacturing process, which uses only temperature, pressure and inert nitrogen as the expansion medium. With its absence of chemical foaming agents, this is one of the most environmentally friendly foam production methods and sets us apart from other foam products.

Zotefoams has also developed ReZorce® Circular Packaging – a fully recyclable HDPE mono-material barrier packaging range and the first viable alternative to composite barrier packaging. ReZorce enables the inclusion of high levels of recycled content and is compatible with standard recycling collection and processing. ReZorce cartons are currently the subject of a Joint Development Agreement with a major player in beverage packaging and on-shelf trials are planned for 2024.