Thames21 is an environmental charity for rivers committed to transforming the River Thames and its tributaries and working to develop, deliver and showcase innovative and sector-leading initiatives through national and international networks and collaborations.

We work to deliver increasingly resilient and healthy rivers within landscapes that have abundant wildlife and to transform the resilience of river systems to climate change. We work hand-in-hand with communities, training and supporting citizen scientists, involving people in local river improvements and building advocacy, action and long-term stewardship of rivers at the local level.

Our work includes:-

•  Tackling waste and pollution in rivers and evidencing solutions

•  Restoring ecological processes and rolling back physical modifications to enable  biodiversity to thrive

•  Working to combat low flows in rivers and increase resilience to flooding

•  Bringing awareness to the public of the vital role that rivers play in the natural environment and in providing adequate and clean water for people.