SOPARCO, supplier of plastic pots, trays and accessories. 

SOPARCO is an industrial and family based group with an international presence. The main driving force behind SOPARCO’s development and worldwide success has been its focus on expertise and innovation. 

A 24/7 production enables SOPARCO to offer approx. 600 models and 2000 references of pots, trays and plastic accessories to meet the technical, logistical and commercial requirements of nurseries and pot & bedding plant growers. In addition to our standard range, we can adapt our productions to meet your specific needs (special colours, customization: printing, IML, labelling). 

Since 1985, SOPARCO has been applying an Eco-responsible approach in every industrial process and in new product developments. SOPARCO designs and develops high-quality products with the minimum environmental impact: eco-design, use of recycled or bio-sourced materials, active approach towards the circular economy.