Sonic Solutions clean your dirty process parts; parts like hot melt filter discs, air filters, heat exchangers, coolers, water jackets, anilox print rollers. These can all be restored to nearly new condition with full functionality to keep your process lines running effectively and efficiently.

Using specialist equipment Sonic Solutions restore dirty parts to new, saving replacement cost, the hassles of in-house cleaning, and the time of process staff on unproductive tasks. A variety of cleaning processes are used; thermal stripping, jet wash, chemical soak, ultrasonics, media blasting, and old-fashioned elbow grease, achieving outstanding results.

Not having the right skills in-house, or the right equipment, results in high parts replacement costs, frequent process downtime, and poor quality for your business. Not to mention the health & safety and environmental issues associated with cleaning chemicals and waste. Contact Sonic Solutions Ltd for your free trial clean!