ReNew ELP are launching the world’s first HydroPRS™ hydrothermal advanced recycling site in Teesside, North East England, in 2023. Capable of producing 20,000 tonnes of recycled, fossil-equivalent hydrocarbons annually, this first site will act as a springboard for further global sites by parent company, Mura Technology, based in London. The process uses water at high pressure and high temperatures to convert end-of-life waste plastic back into the oils it was originally made from, for use in the manufacture of new plastics and other products.  

The HydroPRS™ technology can recycle the ‘unrecyclable’ – plastic materials currently sent to landfill, incineration or leaked into the environment, such as flexible, multi-layered, soft and rigid plastic – producing from it the ingredients for new plastic, creating a circular economy and significantly reducing carbon emissions. This eliminates the need for fossil resource in the manufacture of plastic. 

Instead of continually making new materials as part of a ‘single-use’ culture, Mura’s process creates an infinite loop of creation, use, and recycling. 

HydroPRS™ delivers a sustainable, low carbon circular plastics economy by avoiding harmful greenhouse gas emissions from burning plastic and producing premium oils at a lower carbon footprint than the current fossil-based system.