ReNew ELP is at the forefront of this new era in chemical recycling. We have developed a unique technology, Cat-HTRTM (Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor), that chemically recycles end-of-life waste plastics.  Our patented technology uses water at high pressure and supercritical temperatures to convert end-of-life waste plastics into synthetic oil, and valuable petrochemical products including solvents and waxes. These products can be sold as feedstocks into the chemical industry, contributing to a circular economy for plastics.

ReNew ELP is a UK-based company with an ambitious programme of development in the UK.  The company has planning consent for four units at the Wilton International Site in Teesside with a potential total processing capacity of up to 100,000 tonnes per annum.  Construction of the first 20,000 tonne p.a. unit will start in 2019, with the plant due to commence operation in 2020.