The REMONDIS group is one of the world’s largest providers for recycling, services and water. Everything revolves around sustainability for them: They take care of protecting the environment, climate and valuable resources in more than 30 countries on 4 continents. In their operative business, they combine consistent customer-orientation with a perfect service, sophisticated logistics and the wide-ranging options provided by their comprehensive network of facilities. The result are forward-thinking solutions that incrementally improve the day-to-day lives of their customers and the world as such, one step at a time. On behalf of the future.

REMONDIS Recycling is the group’s recycling specialist for glass and plastics, primarily PET, HDPE, PP and polyamide. A key focus area of their service spectrum is packaging waste. The materials they recycle come from municipal collections and the dual systems, but also from the beverage industry, as well as the central depots and branches of food retailing. REMONDIS Recycling stands for optimal recycling chains. To realize the ambitious processing objectives, they bank on fully developed services, perfect logistics, and facilities with the latest technologies.
The core business also embraces services related to deposit systems. They are one of the most important providers for beverage deposits and deposit clearing in Germany. Where deposit solutions are concerned, they offer all-inclusive packages for handling non-reusable and reusable deposit containers as well as the entire data management.

The highest levels of quality. Working for the future.