Polytag is a Welsh-based company that uses two tag formats to help brands communicate better with their customers and fill in data gaps on how packaging is handled after it is sold. The technology used is low-cost and easy to implement. 

Polytag uses GS1-compliant QR codes to trace packaging throughout the value chain, and invisible UV tags to count packaging at recycling centres, giving brands live barcode level information on the Polytag Dashboard.  

Customers can interact with the printed tag using their smartphone to view recycling information, sustainability stories, and more. The tag can also be used by recycling apps to reward customers for recycling, much like a digital deposit return scheme, thanks to the unique tags preventing fraud and allowing for richer rewards.  

Polytag maintains optimised manufacturing processes, using complementary, retrofitted technology. Our seamless app integration is fraud-proof and theft-proof. The tech has been proven to improve recycling rates and provide data.