North Yorkshire Council formed in April 2023, bringing together the services previously provided by eight district/borough councils and North Yorkshire County Council.

The new council provides services to approximately 615,400 people across a geographical area of over 8,000 square kilometres.  Large parts of the county sit within two beautiful National Parks and three Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Ninety eight percent of the county is either sparsely (13%) or super-sparsely (85%) populated with just over a third of the population living in these areas. This results in a population density of just 77 people per square kilometre, compared with an England average of 432.

North Yorkshire has 32,715 micro, small and medium sized business enterprises and 90 large enterprises.  Situated in the larger towns of Harrogate, Scarborough and Selby as well as more rural towns such as Richmond, Malton, Craven and Northallerton

The Council collects around 325,000 tonnes of waste from around 274,400 households per annum.