Established in 2004, Nextek is a SustainTech organisation that provides cutting-edge expertise in the design, optimisation, processing and recycling of plastic materials, with a focus on science-based solutions for complex waste challenges.  

Working with SMEs through to multi-national top 500 corporations, our extensive polymer expertise is driven by our mission to reduce the world’s carbon footprint and find new destinations for all our waste streams.

Nextek’s extensive track record in high-performance recycling of plastics packaging includes developing novel food-grade recycling processes and plant design for food-grade post-consumer plastics. 

Some of our latest transformational projects include NEXTLOOPP, the award-winning global multi-participant project to close the loop on post-consumer plastic packaging and turn it into high-quality food-grade recycled Polypropylene (FGrPP) and COtooCLEAN that focuses on recycling flexible plastics back to food-grade purity.