Jayplas is one of the UK’s largest independent specialist plastic recyclers, converters, and recycled plastic packaging manufacturers. Established in 1975, their innovative recycling technologies continue to support the plastic packaging circular economy, helping businesses meet their plastic packaging sustainability goals and regulatory requirements. With a  vast depth of knowledge and experience in the post-consumer plastic recycling sector, the Jayplas team are passionate about plastic recycling.

In 2024 Jayplas operates eight recycling and recycled product manufacturing sites across the UK. Each specialises in a unique polymer type and process. New investments will see their number of facilities increase from 2024. Jayplas’ UK facilities handle the sortation of plastic packaging (including complex films), recycle/reprocess plastic packaging to various recycled polymer pellets and manufacture recycled plastic packaging.


Jayplas recycled products:


– rHDPE (Food and non-food grade)

– rPP  (Food and non- food grade )

– rPET pellet (Food grade )

– rPET flake

– Flexible packaging with upto 100% recycled content

– rPET food contact film