Gualapack is the world leader of pre-made spouted pouches and is strongly committed to improving circularity and sustainability in flexible packaging and was the first to launch the 100% monomaterial recyclable pouches. 

Over the last decades, Gualapack has built its market leadership through a unique set of technologies for a wide array of packaging solutions, from flexible packaging and injection molding, to design and manufacturing of filling lines.  This technology platform was developed combining state-of-the-art machinery with constant innovation, expertise and know-how.  World leaders in the pre-made spouted stand-up pouches segment, for food, baby-food and non-food applications, and can cover four different product areas, as well as providing stand-alone solutions as required (laminates, caps etc).  Together with their partners and thanks to outstanding innovation capabilities, their goal is to shape today the packaging of tomorrow. 

Gualapack is a key global player of the flexible packaging industry with headquarters in Italy and several manufacturing sites worldwide.