Recycling is our industry, but Envipcos operations extend far beyond developing the machinery involved in recovering bottles and cans. We are a hands-on, forward-thinking company that understands the importance of recycling and how to identify and capitalize on future opportunities that the global market presents.

Envipco is dedicated to advancing closed loop beverage container recovery across the world in both deposit and non-deposit areas. Toward that end, the company has developed a number of core competencies, which has Envipco well-positioned for further global growth:

  • We are a manufacturing company with a complete portfolio of reverse vending machines that we develop, manufacture, service and maintain for a global client base.
  • We are a technology company, with a German-based team of research and development engineers who continually develop new and improved processes to sort, flatten, crush, and record materials.
  • We are a data management company that has devised complex, automated accounting systems to recover, identify, and account for every used beverage container. Based on these trusted counts, we act as a clearing bank for deposits on containers.
  • We are a transportation and logistics company that efficiently manages the handling of returned containers, and recycles HDPE and PET plastics at our plant in France.
  • We are an entrepreneurial company that works with different parties across the globe to develop recycling systems that will thrive in their communities and make recycling financially rewarding for everyone.