Cofresco, a Melitta Group company, Europe’s leading manufacturer of branded household and professional cling film, foil and paper products, are a forward-thinking company with the expertise to be leaders of innovation in their fields of business.  From sites in Germany (corporate head office), Poland and the UK, Cofresco focus on the consumer to develop and bring to market, innovations that provide real improvements in quality and ease of use. 

Freshness and flavour, foodservice, waste solutions and innovative products built under strong brands such as Toppits®, Albal®, Bacofoil®, Wrapmaster®, Swirl® and Handybag®, Cofresco’s range of brands will always have the right product on offer. 

We want to improve the sustainability of our products and processes. Today, too much plastic waste is generated that is not reused. We at Cofresco want to change this by considering plastic not as waste, but as a valuable resource and part of a recycling loop – a resource that can and must be recycled. In this way, we want to transform the future of plastic – for improved sustainability and economic efficiency. 

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