Circulayo is a UK-based sustainable technology start-up at the forefront of transforming the packaging industry towards a circular economy. With a strong focus on reducing single-use waste and promoting resource efficiency, Circulayo offers innovative solutions that optimize and increase the reuse rate of packaging. Their flagship product, the Flow Platform, serves as a digitalisation hub, enabling the tracking of packaging from cradle to grave. This comprehensive tracking system not only ensures visibility and traceability but also provides valuable analytics on usage, carbon savings, and reduction in single-use waste.

The Flow Platform acts as a catalyst for change by revolutionising the way packaging is managed throughout its lifecycle. It empowers businesses to transition from linear models of production and consumption to circular systems that prioritise resource efficiency and waste reduction. By implementing the Flow Platform, companies can optimise the reuse of packaging, minimise environmental impact, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

To enhance engagement and connectivity between brands and consumers, Circulayo has developed the AppNostic web app. This app enables end consumers to connect with the packaging through scanning QR codes or NFC tags, unblocking a digital realm of information and interactive experiences. Brands, retailers, and stakeholders can leverage the AppNostic app to deliver personalised content, offers, marketing messages, and engagement tools. This seamless integration between packaging and consumers fosters a deeper connection, promotes brand loyalty, and encourages sustainable practices.