Berry bpi Recycled Products one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of polythene films, bags and sacks, supplying over 270,000 tonnes of product each year. They are the largest recycler of polythene waste in Europe, recycling up to 70,000 tonnes of post-use polythene each year from horticultural, commercial, retail, industrial and agricultural markets.

The polythene is cleaned and turned into pellets, which are used to create innovative second life products, such as The Green Sack®, a 100% recycled refuse sack. The Green Sack® is made using waste farm polythene, such as used bale wrap and horticultural films which, because of their inherent strength, provide superior levels of performance.

They also use these pellets to manufacture Plaswood, an award winning range of 100% recycled furniture and landscaping solutions. Plaswood is the environmental alternative to wood, made from waste agricultural plastics, such as used silage stretch wrap and crop cover.

The environmental benefits of recycling plastic are becoming more widely recognised: maximising reusable material, diverting waste from landfill and conserving resources. Berry bpi Recycled Products has developed the necessary expertise and the infrastructure in the form of a network of Environment Agency accredited recycling plants to help drive these benefits forward.