Posted: 30/05/2024

RECOUP Members site visit to Sherbourne Recycling 24 July

July 24, 10:30 – 12:30

RECOUP are offering members the opportunity to visit Sherbourne Recycling new state of the art materials recycling facility which combine the use of robotics and optics to separate materials.

Sherbourne Recycling

Automation, flexibility and sustainability

Who are we and how did we get here?

• Sherbourne Recycling was established in 2021, but the journey started way back in 2016

• Mandated to develop, operate, and maintain a new state of the art materials recycling facility in Coventry

• Partnership of eight local authorities makes up the company structure

Design solution

• Technologically advanced solution, highly automated and innovative state of the art facility designed and manufactured by Machinex

• Integrates artificial intelligence at the core of its system that allows real-time interconnectivity between the main sorting equipment

• Adaptability to evolve with minimal input

• Designed to process fully commingled DMR

Taking the next step

• Film extraction present at almost every step of the material sorting process, allowing

Sherbourne’s MRF to be the first of its kind to positively extract flexible films in its input streams

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