Posted: 22/09/2022


Plastics Recycling charity, RECOUP, in their recent work highlight one aspect of the plastics value chain which is often forgotten: The product manufacturer who uses the packaging is a key link in the supply chain.

RECOUP has launched a Case Study of work that it has been quietly conducted between pack manufacturer, packer-filler, and retailer with the aim of improving the recyclability of meat packaging.   The work highlights the work Pilgrim’s UK have carried out with the guidance and direction of the Co-op and assistance from packaging supplier, Klockner Pentaplast.   The study demonstrates and gives an example of the improvement of meat packaging recyclability through changing to a Mono rPET base film without a PE sealing layer as a packaging solution.

Paul East, Head of Packaging, Recycling and Design at RECOUP commented “This work highlights the knowledge and hard work which exists behind the scenes and also help others along the same path and how with a little collaboration across the value chain much can be achieved for the benefit of all.”

RECOUP has been guiding their members for over 30 years on how the basic pack design principles can be incorporated to ensure that packs, when placed for recycling, can be sorted, captured, and reprocessed to promote a circular economy.

It is envisaged that this issue will be keenly debated at the RECOUP Conference on Thursday 29th September.   Registrations can be made both for the Conference and pre-conference dinner at