Posted: 09/11/2023

RECOUP Draft Response To Wet Wipe Consultation

RECOUP has prepared its draft response to the consultation on the proposed ban of the manufacture, supply and sale of wet wipes containing plastic.

The consultation looks for insights into agreements for the ban of manufacture and sale of wet wipes containing plastic, associated evidence, consumer impacts, definitions, exemptions, the proposed ban, and market composition.

RECOUP’s response broadly supports the proposal, but with consideration needed for specific sectors, including care and medical. It is also highlighting the need for understanding the impact of material substitution without effective communications that would change the damaging behaviour of wet wipes being disposed of incorrectly.

RECOUP’s draft response can be read in full by clicking here. To provide your feedback, please email

To read more information about the consultation, including how to respond, visit the DEFRA website by clicking here.