Posted: 19/10/2023

EPR Scheme Administrator Steering Group – Chair recruitment now open!

DEFRA has announced that the recruitment for the Chair position on the Packaging Extended Producer Responsibility (pEPR) Scheme Administrator (SA) Steering Group is now open. The closing date for applications is Friday, 27 October at 23:55.

DEFRA is looking for experienced and accomplished individuals to apply. Candidates should not be in current employment as a board member of an Obligated Producer company. If you are interested in applying for the role of independent Chair, the application pack and privacy notice are available on request from

The new EPR for packaging scheme will launch in 2025 and its administrator will bring together talented individuals who are passionate about recycling and the environment. It will transform our current linear economic model of ‘take, make, use, throw’ into a circular economy. In a circular economy, resources will be kept in use as long as possible, maximising the value gained; resources will be used more efficiently; and waste will be minimised, and so will the impacts that inefficient resource use has on our environment and society.

The SA Steering Group has been established to support the design, establishment, and mobilisation of the packaging Extended Producer Responsibility scheme. It will play a critical role in the formation of the Scheme Administrator and future improvements in its design and development. It will guide the shape and approach of the SA’s future governance arrangements in pEPR, functions, and operations, for a period of 12 months, before the scheme’s underpinning regulations come into force and the SA is formally established.

The other seats on the steering group are in various stages of recruitment and will be confirmed in due course.