Posted: 19/10/2023

DEFRA Update: EPR, Upcoming Events and More.

In its latest Resource and Waste Newsletter, DEFRA provided updates on 2023 Recycle Week; the Business Readiness Survey; Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), the consultation on disposable vapes; local authority survey on policies; working for DEFRA; and events.

Included in the update was:

  • Recycle Week 2023 – There has been a nationwide hunt for Recycle Week and call for at home and school communities recycling champions. Read more here.
  • The new Business Readiness Survey – DEFRA has announced the launch of its second Business Readiness Survey. Read more here.
  • 3 October Business Readiness Forum summary – DEFRA gave a recap of the topics discussed including single-use plastics (SUP), Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) and modulated fees. Read more here.
  • Requesting views on packaging types for higher EPR fees – DEFRA has asked for views on 13 shortlisted packaging items that could require higher fees under EPR. Read more here.
  • Call for independent packaging experts – DEFRA will be running an online event with independent experts as part of its engagement on the modulation of EPR for packaging fees. Read more here.
  • Applications open for Chair and Non-Government Organisation (NGO) seats for EPR Scheme Admin Steering Group – Recruitment is continuing for representatives to join the interim 12-month forum. It will support the design, establishment and mobilisation of the packaging EPR scheme. Read more here.
  • Calls for sellers, collectors and recyclers of takeaway cups – DEFRA has asked for the opinions from takeaway cup stakeholders to assist with the progression of the mandatory cups takeback and recycling policy. Read more here.
  • Local authority call to action – DEFRA has asked for nominations from local authorities for EPR payment discussions. Read more here.
  • Government consultation on disposable vapes – The government is seeking views on greater restrictions on disposable vapes in the next steps to creating the first smoke-free generation. Read more here.
  • Evaluation of Resources and Waste Strategy – Ipsos has been commissioned to carry out a short survey to better understand the impacts of the Resources and Waste Strategy and its policies. Read more here.
  • Career opportunities at DEFRA – There are a number of job opportunities advertised in the Resources and Waste Team –
  • Recap on October Events – In October, DEFRA’s policy teams attended the Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo and LARAC Annual Conference. Read more here.

The next Business Readiness Forums will take place on 7 November 2023 (10 to 11.30am) and 5 December 2023 (10 to 11.30am).

The next Local Authority Stakeholder Engagement Forums will take place on 8 November 2023 (2 to 3.30pm) and 6 December 2023 (2 to 3.30pm). For more information, email