Posted: 11/10/2023

DEFRA Recap Draft EPR Regulations, Extend Application Deadline for Producers and Announce Upcoming Events

In this week’s Resource & Waste newsletter, the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) recapped recent engagement sessions for draft Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations, announced the extension for the application deadline for producers to join the EPR Scheme Administrator Steering Group, and published the upcoming events that it will be in attendance at.

Slide packs from the engagement sessions relating to EPR can be found via YouTube:

  • Producer costs and fees – 19 Sept 2023 – click here
  • Reprocessor and exporter requirements – 21 Sept 2023 – click here
  • Labelling requirements – 22 Sept 2023 – click here
  • Disposal costs and LA payments – 26 Sept 2023 – click here

The draft regulations, the consultation for which closed on 9 October, and supporting documents can be found here.

The upcoming events of planned attendance for DEFRA include:

  • LARAC Annual Conference (11 October 2023)
  • Recycle Week (16 – 22 October 2023) – Read more by clicking here.
  • Modulated fees event (24 October 2023) – Read more about how to take part by clicking here.