Posted: 04/10/2023

Defra Announces ‘Simpler Recycling’ Policy To Replace ‘Consistent Collections’

Following the announcement from Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak that some green policies would be scaled back or delayed, Defra has announced ‘Simpler Recycling’ legislation will replace the long-awaited ‘Consistency in Household and Business Recycling in England’ policy.

This comes following Mr Sunak’s much derided announcement that citizens would not be required to have ‘seven bins’ to sort their materials at kerbside. Whilst industry has not been surprised at the impact on the policy which has seen continuous delays to the consultation response since its closure in summer 2021, it has been widely stated that the legislation would standardise collected materials and approaches and would likely not result in households having the seven different bins that the Prime Minister claimed.

The new policy will see updates from Defra over the next few months and is being described as a ‘common sense approach’. It is designed to work for households nationally and subsequently, the government hopes, drive up recycling rates. Building on a strong foundation for economic growth, creating jobs and ending throw-away culture.

The full announcement from Defra can be read by clicking here.