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Products and End Markets

The plastic recycling process requires several steps to turn discarded plastic into new products, and there are a wide range of products now produced which contain recycled plastics. These products have varying degrees of recycled packaging material present depending on the properties of the recovered material, the conversion processes used and the application and specification of the product being manufactured. RECOUP is keen to raise the awareness of the products made from recycled plastics and we give the opportunity to companies to promote their products on our End Products database. 

Understanding the Market

Global demand significantly outweighs supply. Collected bottles can either be sold once sorted by polymer type (which commands the highest value) or can simply be marketed as a mix of all types of bottle.

End Products

Recycled plastic is used to make many different types of products. Here you will find Recoup's searchable database of products containing recycled plastic content.

Member Products

Products made by RECOUP members, from recycled material


EuCertPlast aims to provide post-consumer plastic recyclers with a European certification in order to:

Improve transparency;
Implement traceability of collected post-consumer waste;
Determine recycling and trading practices

UK Best Recycled Plastic Product Awards

The aim of this competition is to raise awareness and showcase the latest product innovations and designs for recycled plastics.

EPRO Best Recycled Plastic Product

The key objective for the competition is to raise awareness of the value and versatility of used plastics packaging whether it be post consumer or post industrial, the opportunity to recycle this material and to recognise it as a valuable resource, not waste

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