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Toward Zero Waste is Wales’ overarching, long-term plan for resource efficiency and sustainable waste management. Its implementation is via:

● 6 key Sector Plans, including Municipal, C&I and the Food & Retail sectors
● Statutory recovery and recycling targets
● Supporting Waste Prevention Programme (the consultation took place between 28th March and 20th June 2013)

The plan is enforced by mandatory recycling and recovery targets, which state that Local Authority municipal waste must recycle, prepare for reuse or compost:

● 52% by 2012-13 (achieved)
● 58% by 2015/16
● 64% by 2019/20
● 70% by 2024/25

It also states that 90% of C&D wastes must be reused or recycled by 2025. There is also potential penalties of £200 per tonne for every tonne that is under target.

Supporting Waste Prevention Programme

The Waste Prevention Programme, which is currently being consulted on, focuses on the 4Es model of behaviour change for waste prevention - engaging, enabling, encouraging and exemplifying. It proposes:

● Waste reduction by 1.2% per year to 2050 
● To achieve 27% reduction in waste by 2025, and “zero waste” by 2050 i.e. either prevented, reused or
● Action is focused at plastics packaging, food, paper, card, clothing, and consumer goods

A key objective of the proposed plan is also to break the link between waste generation and economic growth, citing that resource efficiency and waste prevention are vital to a growing and healthy economy. Other areas highlighted was product design (products being designed for disassembly and consequently reuse or recycling) and for recycled materials to be used as far as possible in the Welsh manufacturing processes, using closed loop recycling and upcycling.

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