External Groups

RECOUP is involved in a wide range of external meetings and platforms.  These groups typically receive support from the RECOUP team.

Some of the key organisations are referenced below.

  • BPF - RECOUP attends several Group and Committee meetings regularly and has a pro-active relationship with BPF. Including supporting initiatives such as the BPF plastic recycling roadmap report. RECOUP became the first official supporter of Operation Clean Sweep.

  • BSI groups – RECOUP has a place at BSI panels; PRI/89: Plastics Environmental Aspects; and PKW/0 Packaging. This work has also led to discussions at EU Commission level, with regular CEN/CENELEC meetings of a group working on 'Plastics recycling and recycled plastics' as part of ‘The European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy

  • BSI FLEX 6228-1 Plastic Packaging – Determination of Recycled Content. This is a standard developed which could allow UK businesses and the UK government to measure and verify the percentage content of recycling in PET packaging. As RECOUP was on the Advisory Group to develop the standard, it continues to be kept updated on future developments.

  • Campden BRI – RECOUP sit on the packaging panel with Campden, and has ongoing dialogue around shared interest areas.

  • CEFLEX - RECOUP has contact with the group through EPRO membership and additional contacts.

  • DEFRA – RECOUP attends relevant DEFRA meetings including the Resources & Waste Stakeholder Group, plus supports ACP activities when requested.

  • East of England Plastics Coalition – This group is organised by Anglia Water; RECOUP continues to attend the group providing advice and input as required. Focus remains on litter and is now incorporating river litter into the discussion. There is a move to link up messaging working towards consistency on recording litter data through a newly formed ‘Communications Group’.

  • EPRO -  RECOUP attend EPRO meetings which provide a fantastic opportunity to work with partners from across Europe and internationally. Presentations and discussions include those around the Plastic Packaging Tax and other policy measures, including changes and challenges relating to material shipping across European Union Member States.

  • EPBP – RECOUP has a place on the European PET Bottle Platform Technical Committee, representing EPRO.

  • IGD – RECOUP is part of the IGD Packaging Working Group and Ambition Sub-Group

  • INCPEN – RECOUP has a pro-active and positive relationship with Incpen, particularly relating to legislation and consultations and will continue to be supportive both directly and via the INCPEN trade association group.

  • IOM3 / PACKAGING SOCIETY – RECOUP has regular contact with IOM3, including reviewing/helping with IOM3 submissions to consultations and technical documents.

  • OPRL – RECOUP remains a guarantor of OPRL, and has a good working relationship on a strategic and practical level. RECOUP promote the use of the OPRL label to provide technical support for recyclability assessments.

  • PCEP – RECOUP contribute to working groups with a focus on reuse/refill, polyolefin collection systems across Europe and the status of food contact recycled polyolefins.

  • PETCORE – RECOUP contribute to various PETCORE working groups, as a member of either the steering committee or the working group. RECOUP has also joined the PETCORE PET Trays evaluation platform.

  • UK PLASTIC PACT / WRAP – RECOUP continue to support PACT working groups and research where relevant, and not in conflict with existing RECOUP work.

  • Waste and Compliance Taskforce (WACT). RECOUP is involved in the WACT collaboration, which continues to raise awareness of waste crime. 

Updated: July 2022

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