Policy & Infrastructure Reports

The ESA, with support from RECOUP, the BPF and the Recycling Association, has produced a set of quality standards in 2022 for plastics being exported from the UK for recycling.
A RECOUP and BPF Research report outlining recycled content verification solutions to support the delivery of the Plastic Packaging Tax.
The UK Household Plastics Collection Survey is an annual report produced by RECOUP which provides a comprehensive review of the collection of household plastics for recycling in the UK.
Data Summary to accompany the full UK Household Plastics Collection Survey 2021 report.
Summary of the recycling and reprocessing of coloured PET opportunities within the UK
Understanding the immediate, and longer-term impacts of the global situation of Covid-19 on the UK’s plastic supply, use and waste management sectors.
This report informs and provide context around the design of Her Majesty’s Treasury tax on the production and import of all plastic packaging that doesn’t include at least 30% recycled content.

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