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Discover the results of the RECOUP Pledge2Recycle Plastics Project to increase awareness on how plastics can be recycled in a domestic setting and answer the following research question:
‘If kerbside plastics recycling
is based on the same target/non-target materials, what
factors influence recycling rates?’
A deep dive into all influences on the plastics recycling value chain through the lens of RECOUP and their knowledge of the collection, sorting, reprocessing and end markets of plastics packaging.
RECOUP’s Pledge2Recycle Plastics brand launched the Citizen Plastics Recycling Behaviours Insights Survey in October 2020. The survey took the form of an informal questionnaire with images alongside questions on recycling behaviours of key items of plastics packaging such as bottles, pots, tubs, and trays and films and flexibles.

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