Aims & Objectives

With a high level of corporate and consumer interest in plastics, packaging, resources and recycling, RECOUP will continue to lead the way. In the years ahead, progress must continue at a pace that satisfies political, media and consumer pressure. It must happen in a way which is sustainable and provides meaningful environmental protection.

Our Aims

  • Lead and inform the continued development of plastics recycling and resource management.

  • Be the UK's plastic value chain co-ordinators and the independent voice of reason.

  • Educate the public and businesses on the recycling of plastics to protect the environment.

What RECOUP does

  • Stimulate the development of sustainable plastics waste and resource management.

  • Undertake research and analysis to identify good practices and remove barriers to the development of efficient plastics recycling systems.

  • Expert technical support, training, and consultancy services.

  • Promote the use of recycled plastics in high-quality end products.

  • Provide strategic guidance, training, and consultancy to plastics value chain businesses.

  • Represent the interests of the plastics recycling supply chain to National Government and key stakeholders.

  • Provide and deliver information and education resources to increase and drive plastics recycling and resource management in the UK.


RECOUP works across all sectors and plastics formats, to deliver the aims and objectives of the organisation, driving plastics resource management and recycling forward. 

The Board of Trustees meets quarterly to represent their sectors and contribute to the development of RECOUP’s strategy and direction.

Trustees are nominated and elected by RECOUP members.

RECOUP members have the opportunity of representing their sector on RECOUP Working Groups, the recommendations and work of these groups helps formulate RECOUP’s strategy and key pillars of work. 

RECOUP is the only truly independent, non-political, organisation representing the whole plastics recycling 
value chain and wider stakeholders. 

The organisation provides specific expertise in plastics recycling and resource management. RECOUP member support funds the core work of RECOUP. 

RECOUP’s work is critical to the reduction of plastics pollution and improved circularity and sustainability of 

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