Have You Joined RECOUP?

RECOUP is a not-for-profit member-based charity. The aim of RECOUP is to lead the sustainable development of plastics recycling and resource management in the UK. As an organisation RECOUP aims to increase plastics recycling through demonstrating and promoting good practices, efficiency, and expertise. RECOUP is viewed as the independent trustworthy source of plastics recycling with a unique ability to link all parts of the value chain.

Representation & Connections

RECOUP is built on a network of members who represent all sectors in the plastic supply and recycling chain.

Events and Information Exchange

RECOUP host an annual conference and facilitate networking through member events and webinars throughout the year. Members are also often invited to deliver presentations on key topics, join the team at events or take part in discussion panels.


Through membership, you will have the opportunity to meet and exchange information with a range of professionals. Discover the latest news, views and best practice as well as being able to build your network and exchange knowledge.

Opportunity to Share Your Knowledge and Ours

We appreciate and value the expertise and knowledge which exists within the recycling and packaging industries. RECOUP have been active in this field for over 30 years and encourage input from members putting that collective intelligence together to assist with publications and projects. The outputs in turn assist in the development of opportunities for plastic recycling and resource management. As a member, you will have access to advice and expertise from the RECOUP team, on a wide range of projects, testing and campaign services. RecyClass certification is just one of our newest services.

Updates, Insights and Market Intelligence

RECOUP conduct regular insight work and consultations direct to Government consultations. The annual UK Household Plastics Collections Recycling Survey is widely recognised as the industry ‘go-to’ report, providing independent, evidenced data to industry and policymakers. Membership updates are regularly provided sharing information and developments across the industry. The Members-only area of our website provides exclusive access to RECOUP reports and documents.

Promoting the Work of RECOUP Members

RECOUP would not exist without the valued members. RECOUP recognises this support at every opportunity. Members are promoted at exhibitions, conferences, on the RECOUP website and across social media channels. Members are supplied a Member logo and certificate to broadcast their commitment to plastic recycling, sustainability, and resource efficiency.

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