Why Join RECOUP?

RECOUP is a not-for-profit member-based charity with over 30 years of experience in plastics recycling and resource management. As an organisation RECOUP aims to increase plastics recycling and promote resource management through demonstrating and supporting good practices, efficiency, and expertise. RECOUP is viewed as the independent trustworthy source of plastics recycling with a unique ability to link all parts of the value chain.

RECOUP has a vast knowledge and expertise of the plastics industry and shares this knowledge through a number of published reports such as ‘Recyclability by Design’ and the annual ‘UK Household Plastics Collection Survey’. Reports are initially available to members before wider release, membership allows companies and individuals immediate access to this information.

RECOUP produces a weekly member’s update to advise of current work streams and applicable industry updates. Members also have access to a members only portal which holds all the reports and documents RECOUP produces.

RECOUP members have access to advice and expertise from the team, on a wide range of projects, testing and campaign services. Bespoke project work and research can be undertaken by RECOUP to support member projects.

RECOUP offers practical and technical advice related to areas such as plastic packaging design and recyclability. RECOUP members have access to services such as testing of pack recyclability within UK sorting facilities. This also includes laboratory assessments and access to support on life cycle analysis.

RECOUP has a network of members that represent every sector of the plastics supply and recycling chain. With RECOUP membership there is the opportunity for collaborative work with other members, enabling the exchange of information and best practice and to build further networks. RECOUP specialise in bringing together organisations and businesses to work together to drive plastics recycling and resource management forward.

RECOUP would not exist without its valued members and their support. RECOUP recognises this at every opportunity and members are promoted at exhibitions, conferences, social media and on the website. Members are also provided a member’s logo and certification to broadcast their commitment to plastic recycling, sustainability, and resource efficiency.

RECOUP provides direct feedback to the Government on the topic of plastic resources and recycling and responds to relevant consultations and calls for evidence representing the views of members in responses.

Every year RECOUP hosts a range of events for members, from the annual conference to webinars and working groups. These enable information exchange across the value chain contributing to the joint aim, of continued development of plastics recycling and resource management.


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