RECOUP Webinars 2021

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Wednesday 3rd November 2021

Introducing a suite of resources and education tools to encourage plastics recycling. This webinar will share some of the working being done using these resources and how social media can provide a way to engage with citizens. The webinar will highlight key insights on investment v engagement.
Tuesday 16 November 2021

With legislation changes and recycling technology developing, the Plastic Packaging Tax, Extended Producer Responsibility, Deposit Return Schemes, End of Waste protocols, requirements around material exports and new technology such as chemical recycling will all have an impact. This webinar will look at how plastic packaging recycling markets could change, and how the UK will need adapt and increase its own recycling capability to meet future demands.

Chaired by Paul Sanderson, Co-founder of Recycling Insights and Director of REB Market Intelligence.
Wednesday 17 November 2021

This webinar is aimed at highlighting the challenge in delivering and driving behaviour change on plastics recycling through the recycling message. The session will draw on case studies and ask the question ‘how can we better engage citizens, and how can we educate to increase plastics recycling rates and reduce plastics pollution'? The session will also ask if plastics packaging benefits are understood in relation to other less sustainable materials and how can we educate without unintended consequences?

Chaired by Paul Vanston, CEO, INCPEN.
Tuesday 23 November 2021

Many advances have been made in addressing the challenges posed by the collection, sorting and recycling of plastics. However, there are still a number of sectors with challenges to achieve circularity due to factors such as the environment the plastic is used in, product design requirements or lack of recycling infrastructure. This webinar will explore some of the challenges and solutions within some of these complex sectors.

Chaired by Stuart Foster, CEO, RECOUP.
Thursday 25th November 2021

Providing an overview on collections, capture and sorting, in respect of film recycling. To discuss and highlight the current state of play within film recycling and the supply chain opportunities that are available.

Chaired by Mike Baxter, External Affairs Director, Berry BPI.

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