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Innovations & the Future
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Jim Harvey, Innovation Lead Industrial Carbonisation
Innovate UK/UKRI
Jim Harvey is Innovation Lead in Industrial Decarbonisation for the Industrial Decarbonisation Challenge, part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund run by Innovate UK/UKRI.

He has strong market understanding and knowledge with 30 years' experience in sustainability, circular economy, industrial decarbonisation, LZC energy, SDGs, investment, programme & project management, policy, commercial, and climate change resilience. 

Gian De Belder, Technical Director - R&D Packaging Sustainability
Procter &Gamble

Gian is a Technical Director and Packaging Technologist at Procter & Gamble, one of the largest consumer packaged goods companies in the world.
In his 20+ year career at P&G, Gian has helped drive R&D into sustainable packaging across the company. With experience in upstream technologies, sustainable resins and EU funding projects, Gian has been involved in developing key partnerships across the value chain and managing open innovation through P&G’s Connect & Develop Programme.

An Vossen, Executive Manager

An Vossen was already at the cradle of Plarebel in 1996, a non-profit organisation that is the reference in Belgium for anyone looking for information, advice and guidance on all aspects of circular plastics, including circular design and effective recycling. An is also active in several European industry associations and initiatives, and is constantly looking for new opportunities to respond to the many challenges in the transition towards a circular economy for all plastics. An early passion for plastic recycling has become a lifelong pursuit to enable a circular economy for plastics; driven by the evolving relationship between people and planet, she proudly carries the art of recycling in her heart!
For more than 20 years, she has been building expertise and extending her network, whilst supporting and advising on plastic recycling. In 2018 she launched a new future trajectory for Plarebel to expand their product portfolio beyond the scope of household plastic packaging waste. Today Plarebel profiles itself as the Belgian catalyst for the circular value chain for plastics.

Marina Leed, Senior Sustainability Manager

Marina has always had a passion for sustainability and has applied this passion to a variety of projects at BASF since 2012. With a PhD in Chemistry from Duke University, she has developed her product safety and regulatory expertise in first the agricultural market and then to promote the circular economy.  Today Marina uses this diverse background to develop and promote sustainable products for the plastics and recycling industries as the global sustainability manager for Plastic Additives.

Amy Sandhu, Head of Sustainability and Government Relations
Amy Sandhu is responsible for designing and executing strategies to achieve BASF Canada’s global sustainability targets, support BASF’s customers in achieving their sustainability targets, and advocate for BASF’s business interests at government level. Prior to joining BASF 2 years ago, Amy’s global experience includes conducting environmental and social performance consulting for the mining and oil and gas sectors, as well as working for the United Nations in Europe and west Africa.  Amy holds a Bachelors in Political Science from Queens University, and an MSc in Economics with a specialization in Development Management from the London School of Economics (LSE).

Rob Webbon, CEO

Iron-distance triathlete and ultra-runner, environmental scientist by training, with 15 years’ experience of managing sustainability and engineering projects from concept through to delivery.  In 2013, Rob was training for triathlon events.  As an environmental scientist, he was aware of the social and environmental damage caused by the garment industry and wanted to buy high-quality, sustainable cycling and triathlon wear.  But none existed.  Spurred on, Rob set out on a journey to look at how sportswear could be created better.  Embarking on supply chain and materials research, Rob and a small team created their first cycle jersey made from recycled plastic bottles and went on to launch this concept jersey at the Tour de France in 2014.  This was a brand-new idea at the time and Presca (in its early iterations) was born.

Dr Martin Atkins, CEO
Poseidon Plastics

Dr Atkins has a distinguished career as an industrial R&D Manager, Project Manager as well as several Chief Scientist, and Chief Technology Officer roles in addition to his current post as CEO of Poseidon plastics and Chair of Chemical Innovation and Sustainability.  In 1994, Dr Atkins and his team won the BP Chairman’s award for Environmental process of the year for their pioneering work on plastics recycling.  During his time at BP Dr Atkins earned a reputation for catalysis, process innovation and troubleshooting – fixing a problem on BP’s commercial gas/methanol complex in Trinidad in 2002.  Dr Atkins’ was appointed BP’s Chief scientist in China to spearhead a joint collaborative venture between BP and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). This included a $10m project for BP building new labs and directing research into clean tech and sustainability.  In 2006, Martin was awarded the Science and Technology Award by the People’s Republic of China.  Following this, Martin moved to PETRONAS in Malaysia as Chief Technologist running a number of projects including several with Queen’s University Belfast. PETRONAS and Queen’s were so successful they were awarded a unique triple ICHEME award winner title in 2014 - the only group to have done so. In 2020, Professor Martin Atkins received an award from the Chinese Central Government in recognition of his excellent contribution in promoting science and technology cooperation between China and the UK in both business and academia.


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