RecyClass Pack Certification

RecyClass is run exclusively by RECOUP for the UK and is the first approved certification system for plastic packaging recyclability. RECOUP is recognised as an official auditor in the UK for RecyClass Recyclability Certifications.

RecyClass, run by Plastics Recyclers Europe, aims to help the plastics value chain find the correct way to approach and evaluate the design for recycling of packaging products to improve their recyclability.

The certification complements the existing MRF practical pack tests that RECOUP provide for members and non-members providing further reassurance to the plastic packaging supply chain.

Packaging will be evaluated using the RecyClass online tool which rates the packaging in terms of recyclability. The tool examines the packs through a series of online questions after which it classifies the packs, from class A (recyclable) to class F (not recyclable).

The classes are defined as follows:

CLASS A: The package does not pose any recyclability issues and it can potentially feed a closed-loop scheme to be used in the same application. 

CLASS B: The package has some minor recyclability issues and could even potentially feed a closed-loop scheme. 

CLASS C: The package has some recyclability issues that affect the quality of its final recyclate.

CLASS D: The package has some significant design issues that highly affect its recyclability.

CLASS E: The package has major design issues that put in jeopardy its recyclability.

CLASS F: The package is not recyclable either because of fundamental design issues or a lack of specific waste stream widely present in the EU. If your package obtains this class in one of the question areas, then the analysis is completed. 

RecyClass testing will include certification, to certify the recyclability result obtained with the RecyClass tool. Following the evaluation, RecyClass will release a report and approved certificate confirming the classification of the pack.

To obtain certified approval of your pack, you will be required to complete the product specification sheet and send 1 sample which will be run through the online tool. The pack will be graded and results audited, documents will be produced to reflect the results.  

Rate your packaging online using the RecyClass online self-assessment tool at,

For more information and a quote please contact  

Members who have already had their packs reviewed in an MRF can obtain just certification to complement this. Please contact the team to discuss your requirements.   

Please note that there may be additional charges for any laboratory testing required by RecyClass.

Find out more by watching the video:
Recyclass Recyclability Certifications - Design Matters


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