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The R-Generation plastics recycling educational programme was developed for schools in the Buxton area, to introduce and educate young people about plastic and plastic recycling. Since then it has developed to provide packs free to download for schools nationally. 

Nestlé WatersRECOUP and Wastebuster, working together since 2010, have produced and developed educational resources for Primary (Key Stages 1 & 2) and Secondary (Key Stage 3) schools on plastics recycling and resources.  Linked to the national curriculum, the packs include lots of exciting content for multi-media interactive assemblies, including films, lesson plans, and teacher’s notes. 

The Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 packs are free to download and contain presentations suitable for assemblies, teacher notes, and a wide variety of resources that can be used. The packs are tailored to be suitable for the relevant age range. 

Since the start of the programme,  and it's original concept of 'Recycle Cycle; it is estimated that close to 30,000 pupils have attended assemblies and events, to learn more about and discover how plastics are made. They get engaged particularly when they discover more about the recycling journey of plastics packaging and can relate it to their own lives.    

Headteacher of Buxton Community School Craig Yates commenting: “The students have found it fascinating to explore the science, technology and engineering behind plastic production and recycling but also to understand the important role the consumer plays in ‘closing the loop’”.

Helen Stamp, Headteacher at Peak Dale Primary School enthused at the effect the competition has had: “Peak Dale Primary School children and their families have really enjoyed pledging to recycle more plastic through the Nestlé Waters Recycling Scheme. Our children are now ‘ECO ambassadors’ and their message is ‘Everyone can help look after our planet too!’.”

An important part of the programme has been for RECOUP and Nestlé Waters to receive feedback on how the schools themselves are tackling the issue of plastic packaging within their own environment and hearing ideas from staff and children on how litter could be reduced and recycling improved.  Earlier this year schools were asked to complete a survey and all schools who took part in that survey have received a resource pack as well as two schools being picked to become the Nestlé Waters ‘Recycling Schools of Excellence'.  Bolsover Secondary School and Eckington Junior school were the two schools who were chosen. Once the Covid19 restrictions are lifted we will be working more closely with the chosen schools throughout 2020.  



Updated: Oct 2020   

This education pack is designed to make people aware that plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays are not waste but a valuable resource that can be used to create great new products, including the UK’s first 100% rPET soft toy - Busta! The pack is designed to help children understand the journey of plastic from recycling bins into useful new products, that plastic is a valuable resource and why it should be managed responsibly.
This education pack is designed as an entry point to finding out about different plastics and plastics recycling. It contains a range of resources and reference materials to encourage students to think of plastic waste as a resource and a guide for setting up a successful school plastics recycling scheme. It can be used to motivate students, teachers and staff to recycle in schools and inspire them to do the same at home, as well as considering the future of plastics and related STEM careers, for working towards a more sustainable future.

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