RECOUP Launches ‘Don’t Throw On The Go’ Campaign

Date Published: Wednesday 3rd June 2020

This week we launched our new social media campaign, Don’t Throw On The Go.  From the results of our recent COVID-19 survey and discussions we have had, we know that there is concern about the public now starting to return to work and increased levels of social interaction.  In response, using the RECOUP consumer brand, Pledge2Recycle Plastics, we are running a new communications campaign, during the first two weeks of June (although this may well feature again throughout this summer), focusing on encouraging citizens to Recycle plastic and Not litter


We hope that you are able to support this campaign across your own social media channels using your own messages and including the hashtag #dontthrowonthego so that we can track any posts.  In addition, please share, comment and retweet our messages posted on @RECOUP_UK and @Pledge2Recycle across Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.   


This campaign is part of a partnership arrangement with The British Plastics Federation and Keep Britain Tidy.  All posts are being shared along this theme over the next few weeks to allow us to maximise the distribution of the message.

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