The RECOUP Team & Projects

Date Published: Wednesday 3rd June 2020

The RECOUP Team are:

  1. Anne and Amanda – Communications & Engagement

Communications, member and consumer engagement, schools education, event recycling and education activations, and our Pledge2Recycle Plastics work aimed at reducing household confusion on recycling at kerbside.

  1. Paul and Kate – Sustainability & Product Recyclability Testing

Assessment and guidance for the recycling of packaging for RECOUP Members and a range of clients.

  1. Steve and Tom – Policy Infrastructure & Reports

Data analysis, technical research, reporting and logistics activities for a range of clients in the packaging and recycling sectors.

  1. Maureen and Mandy – Finance Management, Corporate Administration/Support

Finance, office administration and project support to everyone at RECOUP.


We have been keeping busy with various projects developing, from RECOUP’s Health & Beauty case studies, UK Households Plastics, Local Authority, and COVID-19 surveys, RecyClass Certification, and a Pledge2Recycle campaign, through to member technical requests and non-member enquiries.


If you would like to view some of the published work we have completed simply click here, but keep in mind there is much more produced for members only so cannot be accessed via the website.

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