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Date Published: Tuesday 3rd April 2018

Marmax Recycled have long believed in the importance of educating the next generation about how waste plastics can be harmful to the environment when they go to landfill and the significance recycling plays in reducing these effects. Since the broadcasting of Blue Planet 2, the issue of plastic in the ocean has been brought into the spotlight – something Marmax Products has made a priority for their new education brochure.

The new brochures can now be used as a tangible learning tool for teachers and children. The brochures, which are sent to schools across the country, now highlight the problem of plastic in the oceans and how this can impact the wildlife that live there. Throughout the brochure there are facts about plastic waste, recycling, and to make the link between recycling bottles and creating new products, Marmax have included the #pledge4plastics dreaming bottles to show that plastic can live a second life once it’s done being used initially.

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