New On-Pack Recycling Labels

Date Published: Friday 3rd February 2017

Nearly eight years after launch, OPRL is trimming its on-pack labels to make them simpler for consumers to understand and easier for retailers and manufacturers to use.

With recent consumer surveys showing 7 in 10 recognise OPRL labels and 2 in 3 refer to them, the not-for-profit is responding to consumer calls for simpler, clearer messaging. Following a three month review of the labelling system, components will only be listed on complex packaging, and materials will no longer appear on the labels.  This simplification also enables labels to be kept smaller, recognising pressures on packaging space resulting from FIR and other statutory requirements.

A further modification involves the option to include calls to action identified by consumers as helpful advice when recycling.  WRAP research identified advice such as 'Cap On', 'Rinse' and 'Remove Sleeve' as valued by both consumers and recyclers, so where there is space on packaging OPRL's 500+ member brands and retailers are being encouraged to include these prompts.

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