RECOUP to keep up the recycling challenge at Exeter

Date Published: Thursday 10th November 2016

RECOUP are to visit the University campus the 15th and 16th November 2016. RECOUP will be promoting good practice and providing information to encourage positive consumer behaviour and to recycle on-the-go, RECOUP will be delivering a roadshow at the Student Guild on 15th November and a Guinness World Record attempt on 16th November at the Sports Park. 

Students will be given the opportunity both to take part and register their interest and commitment to plastics recycling.  At the Student Guild, they will find out about all aspects of plastics recycling, career opportunities within recycling and resource management.

The RECOUP team will be installing some additional recycling points at the Students Guild , which will act as a recycling voting system asking the question ‘Should all students be given a reading week’.  All students will be encouraged to visit and vote using any empty plastic drinks bottles which will then be recycled. 

At the Sports Park on Wednesday 16th November, the team from RECOUP will be challenging any students, staff and visitors to try and break the world record for the most keepy-uppies in a minute with a plastic bottle.   

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