A whole lotta bottle

Date Published: Wednesday 23rd March 2016

A UK-wide deposit return scheme for drinks containers divides opinion, largely around its cost-effectiveness and the repercussions for local authorities, producers, retailers and consumers themselves, not to mention the suggestion that the environmental cost of maintaining such a system would actually outweigh the benefits. There have been a number of articles in recent months including some coverage of the RECOUP consultation response to Zero Waste Scotland on DRS.

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Except from the article :

Recoup is a supporter of the PRGS and fed into ZWS’s call for evidence on DRS. Recoup CEO Stuart Foster says while his company fully supports the Scottish Government and ZWS in its desire to improve the current situation around recycling and litter, he feels a more balanced approach is required in terms of evidence gathering.

Foster feels the current DRS debate is taking much-needed resource and finances away from tangible activities that could have an immediate impact on recycling and anti-litter activities. “Realistic performance levels from DRS would be matched at a fraction of the cost in Scotland by improving, expanding and harmonising existing collection systems across the 32 Scottish local authority areas, and ensuring effective consumer communications and behaviour change initiatives are in place.”

He points out that these are key elements of the Scottish Household Recycling Charter. “The strengthening and co-ordinated support of the current kerbside recycling system still has much unrealised potential. This will also deliver higher overall household recycling levels for packaging formats and materials which are outside the scope of DRS.”

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