DEFRA Publish Summary of Responses to Consultation on Plastic Flow Figures and Possible Target Changes

Date Published: Wednesday 14th October 2015

On 13th October, DEFRA released a document summarising the responses to the consultation on plastic arisings data and potential target changes. The full document can be downloaded here which also includes details on responses to potential operational and technical requirements relating to packaging waste regulations.  Much of the RECOUP response is included in the summary. Here are the responses relevant to plastics, although it is less clear what actions this will lead to. 

Question 7 - Do you have any evidence to support or refute the assumption made in Plastic Flow that the total weight of plastic packaging placed on the market will continue to be steady from 2015 to 2017? 
There were 26 responses with a large majority clearly supporting the Plastic Flow report or offering no further specific evidence. A number of observations and suggestions were offered (listed in the attached document).


Question 8 - Are you able to share with us any modelling or evidence that shows how PRN (Packaging Recovery Note) prices could respond to target changes? 
There were 19 responses with 9 not offering specific evidence, but the majority broadly noting that there are previous historical indicators to suggest that PRN prices will respond to an intention to change targets. A target reduction, whilst likely to reduce PRN prices, will also in the longer term reduce funds for further development. At the opposite, target increases are likely to raise the price of obtaining evidence. A number of observations and suggestions were offered


Question 9 - Do you have other evidence about the potential impacts of keeping the plastic targets as they are, or changing them? 
There were 25 responses with 15 not offering specific evidence on a change to targets. A number of observations and suggestions were offered relating to impact of target changes, stability and transparency, data, and PRN prices.

Question 10 - Do you have any evidence about the opportunities and barriers, costs and benefits for producers and compliance schemes to work with Local Authorities to increase the extent of collection of household packaging waste for recycling? 
There were 36 responses. Evidence, observations and suggestions grouped under broad headings of Regulatory, Funding, Consumers and Other.

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