2014 Plastic Packaging Recycling Data Released

Date Published: Tuesday 14th April 2015

2014 Plastic Packaging Recycling Data Released

The official 2014 data packaging recycling was published on 31st March 2015. This shows 842kt of plastic packaging recycled in 2014, around 10% higher than the required target. This also means a substantial tonnage will be carried over towards 2015 targets. There has been a continued increase in recent years with 640kt plastic packaging recycled in 2012 and 714kt recycled in 2013. Based on household plastic collection levels, it is expected that approximately 55% of the total was captured from households, and the remaining amount from C&I sources. The data also allows an assessment of material recycled in the UK vs export. It shows 328kt (39%) reprocessed in the UK and 514kt (61%) exported for reprocessing. 

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